Invent the World

About us

Our mission is to provide children with a positive, encouraging atmosphere that fosters digital curiosity and exploration of technology

At Invent The World, we are reclaiming the word ‘nerd’.

To us, being a nerd means having the courage to embrace what you love, and what you’re interested in. All of the staff at Invent The World are nerds, and we all have different areas that we are passionate about, from computers, gaming, and programming to rock-climbing, craft, comic books and more.

Our courses are designed in collaboration with teachers, and incorporate engineering, programming, robotics, game design and many other disciplines, while still being fun and accessible for all ages.

We won’t just teach your child the lesson plan, but also about themselves and their own passions. We want them to be ‘nerds’ about what they're interested in, and to have fun while they are learning, growing and making new friends.

Will My Daughter Enjoy This?

ABSOLUTELY. Supporting our amazing young female coders, gamers and all around nerds is a huge focus for us. We aim to have positive, technical female role models in every classroom to inspire girls and boys and show them that Computer Science is a girl's world too!

Our Staff

Part of the ITW philosophy is to provide children with positive, nerdy role models who can not only encourage their interests but also share and understand the digital world in which our children are living. Our tutors are professional programmers, software engineers, game designers, electronic engineers and teachers and they are all passionate about their field of expertise.

We are passionate about what we do, and we want your kids to be passionate about it too.


Stewart Johnston (stooj)


Virginia King (pindy)


Gus Kirborg (kirby)


Irvina Paul (thestargazer)


Sarah Longhurst (echo)


Jesper Sidhu (jesper)


Sarah Yang (yangers)


Calem Burton Dark (wavie)