Monday: Brighton Coders Club

Monday: Brighton Coders Club

Join Gus and the Monday Coders as they take a creative approach to coding!

A passionate technologist and teacher, Gus is keen to bring his love of storytelling and games to the Monday Coders. Each student will design and build their unique game or story over the course of the term. Gus will be helping students implement their ideas using Snap! and Twine.

This term the club will focus on developing sequential thinking and logic skills, and applying coding concepts like conditional statements, decision trees, variables (particularly booleans and strings) to their creative ideas.

This club is open to everyone, regardless of experience and we welcome beginners who will be supported in learning initial concepts alongside more advanced and returning students.

Dates and Locations

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Note there may be a once-off equipment fee for some of our courses. Information can be found on the booking page.