Friday: Brighton Tech Space

Friday: Brighton Tech Space

Tech Space is one of our fun Friday afternoon clubs for kids who are fascinated by the intricacies of computers and coding.

ITW tech-experts Sarah, Calem and Gus will be running a flexible meet-up group for kids who have some coding experience and are keen to expand their technical knowledge with self-driven Raspberry Pi based projects. Projects can be flexible, based on coding, games modding, hardware hacking or other areas of interest.

The aim of the club is to provide support for kids to achieve their own goals and to create an atmosphere where kids work together to understand and solve technical problems. Kids will be expected to bring along their work each week and present it informally to tutors and other students in an encouraging and supportive environment. Tutors will shape these discussions to build social skills and familiarise students with the giving and receiving constructive feedback.

It's a chance for kids to find support from peers as well as our expert coding mentor, to have fun, to collaborate in moving projects forward and to forge friendships with like-minded kids while doing so.

Dates and Locations

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Note there may be a once-off equipment fee for some of our courses. Information can be found on the booking page.