Minecraft Coding

Minecraft Coding

1 days

Suitable for coders of all levels, Minecraft Coding lets players modify and control the logic behind Minecraft! Come along and discover Code Kingdoms, allowing you to create your very own mods : customized playable worlds for you and your friends where you code the rules!

Minecraft Coding starts students off with the basics, and quickly builds to allow students to find their own pace and design their own projects. Students will start creating code in Google Blockly, a visual programming language, which is converted directly to Java (the language of Minecraft!). Older or more experienced students will be able to move on to Java throughout the day.

Players cycle through a "create, share, play" loop which helps them motivate each other as other students in the class explore their changes and provide real time examples, ideas and feedback.

Dates and Locations

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All of our classes run from 9am to 3:30pm each day, with breaks for recess, lunch and afternoon tea. Care is available from 08:30am to 5:15pm.