Invent the World Services

ITW staff have expertise in a range of fields surrounding technology, education and gamification. These include specialist skills in Minecraft, computer coding in an educational setting, gameful approaches to learning, applied games integration, curriculum innovation and virtual classroom integration.

Professional Development and Training

We are specialists in using coding, computer science and game-based learning to help cultivate a technology positive environment and culture in school settings.

We can offer training packages and staff support to get you off the ground, or help reinvigorate and strengthen your current programs.

Corporate and Private Events

Bring Invent the World into your corporate or private event schedule. Game-based learning can be used for both one-off events, and as a long term learning strategy. Through the following event formats we can provide demonstrations on practical uses, and get students learning immediately.

Gaming for Parents

As kids spend more time learning and playing in digital worlds, many parents find it challenging to follow their child’s path online. As a result parents often struggle to guide children towards positive behaviour and outcomes in these increasingly widespread virtual settings.

We can help bridge the gap, with specially designed educational gaming sessions for parents or guardians. Our goal is to demystify games and online interactions, and to allow parents to engage with and be informed about their child’s digital life.

Conventions & Expos

As part of our mission of fostering a love of learning and technology, we regularly attend trade fairs and exhibitions as presenters, expert panelists, or to run specific events centred around education and gamification.

Hackathons and Game Jams

Hackathons and game jams are events where participants work together intensively to develop creative technical solutions to a set of constraints or problems. These events encourage participants to discover coding and problem solving as a collaborative, iterative process and allow them to explore alternative ideas and approaches to problems. Invent The World runs tailored educational events for both adults and students of all skill levels.

After School Clubs and School Incursions

Our clubs and incursions create challenging, innovative educational experiences that can be entirely facilitator driven or streamlined to complement and extend classroom driven learning goals. Our sessions are project based and designed to encourage digital curiosity and enthusiasm with a practical, hands-on approach.

Current ITW clubs run at multiple locations and focus on a variety of skills from educational and social gaming, coding, computer science and engineering.


We offer assistance in bringing virtual spaces, such as Minecraft, into your school by working with your teachers to create customized virtual environments. In all our interactions with students we see the benefits that come with a “gameful” approach to learning. We work with teachers to use this experience and create virtual classrooms and targeted learning experiences that children can connect and engage with.